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Virtual Naturopathic Healthcare - by phone or video

I've been getting more questions about virtual/telehealth/telemedicine appointments lately so I thought this would be a good place to address some of them.

Because I'm licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario, both you and I have to physically be in Ontario to have a virtual/telehealth patient visit. That being said, if you aren't coming to downtown Toronto to work anymore or if you want to refer your friend who lives in Thunder Bay, we can very easily have appointments by phone or video! The convenience of virtual care and the expanded reach of helping patients anywhere in Ontario is one of the amazing things that has come out of covid.

All video platforms that I use for patient visits are up to government regulations with respect to privacy standards - i.e. no FaceTime for us! Phone appointments are also possible if that's better for you.

Many patients ask me what appointment type I prefer - as long as we don't want to do acupuncture, I'm just as happy to see people virtually as I am to see them in person. Whatever is best for you, is best for me! If I have any concerns (e.g. blood pressure) we'll discuss how to get things checked out in an in-person visit with either me, your family physician, or a walk in clinic. Also, if I feel like hands on treatment is what would be best for your situation, I can refer you to someone in your area if coming downtown isn't a good option. I currently have lots of fertility patients who consult with me and do acupuncture closer to home. After any virtual or in person appointment, I email you a list of what we've discussed so that there's no mistakes in dosages or confusion over what I want you to do/take. Anything is possible with telemedicine!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! If you're in Ontario, I'll look forward to seeing you in person, over video, or hearing your voice over the phone for our next appointment.


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