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Fertility and pregnancy have always been a passion of mine, and became even more important to me when I was trying to get pregnant.  I was fortunate that after a few IUIs (along with injectable medications and acupuncture and supplements of course!) I got pregnant and 9 months later gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

There is so much research on Naturopathic treatments with respect to fertility.  Scientific studies show that sperm can be improved using diet changes, herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes.  Studies also support the use of certain herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, diet changes, and lifestyle changes to optimize a menstrual cycle.

Research has also shown the use of acupuncture to increase a fertility in sperm, eggs, and the uterus.  Acupuncture can be used to:

  • lower stress levels when undergoing fertility treatments

  • increase blood flow to the uterus, thereby working on the uterine lining

  • help reduce the risk of miscarriage

  • improve sperm counts

  • balance hormones

  • regulate the menstrual cycle

  • increase blood flow to the ovaries, thereby encouraging healthy egg production

  • lessen side effects from fertility medications

  • treat cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids


I also use researched herbs and vitamins when trying to help someone carry a pergnancy to term.  Whether you're working with a thin uterine lining, unexplained fertility, low AMH, PCOS, advanced age, egg quality, or recurrent miscarriage, there are many Naturopathic treatments that may help you achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Last but definitely not least, if you're just starting to try to get pregnant - now is a perfect time to come for an appointment to make sure that everything is optimized!

Here's a link to an article on Fertility & Naturopathic Care that I co-authored.

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