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Eczema often gets worse in the dry Toronto winters.  The actual cause of eczema is unknown, but we do know that there are triggers that can increase flares and exacerbate symptoms.  Triggers differ from person to person but can include a cold dry climate (Toronto in the winter!), food, animal dander, soaps & cosmetics, dust, and many more.

Often patients come in knowing what their triggers are, but even if avoidance is possible it often doesn't cure the eczema.  I find the most success in eczema management when it's triggered by food, once we've figured out what the triggers are the spots can go away completely.  Food sensitivity tests can be helpful in those situations - and it's nice to have a list that is tailored to you rather than removing the common allergen in hopes of figuring it out.

There are also supplements that can decrease inflammation in the body which can help manage eczema, moisturizing more often can be simple yet effective, and I may turn to acupuncture in the really stubborn cases.

If your skin is irritating you (even if it's not eczema!), please reach out - there's lots that can be done to help the situation.


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