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Vegetable Ratio

Happy Post-Valentine's and Family Day! Although I should be taking the opportunity to discuss self-love with Valentine's Day being in February, really I want to talk about vegetables. I guess we could call eating lots of veggies self love for you and your family? I am regularly asking patients to eat more vegetables, so thought I should make this a public discussion. Vegetable are an amazing source of fibre, nutrients, and anti-oxidants. Most of us aren't eating enough of them, so I wanted to put this out as a reminder to try for more, and also wanted to give some ideas on how to get more into your diet. I aim to have a big serving of veggies at lunch & dinner every day. It could be cooked, or it could be just raw carrots - whatever I can find in the fridge. I'm not alone in these recommendations - the Canadian Government agrees! So let's step it up and get eating our veggies. In my family, we talk about the vegetable ratio - if there's tons of veggies in our meal compared to starch & protein, my family knows that I'll be happy.

  • If we eat pasta, there's almost as much (and sometimes more!) vegetables to pasta ratio.

  • If we are having a stir-fry, there's more veggies than there is rice or protein.

  • If we're having salad for dinner, that's an easy one.

  • If I'm making wraps, there's more veggie in them than any other ingredient.

  • If I'm having a simple meal of protein, whole grain, and veggies, I try to make sure that half of my plate is covered in vegetable.

  • If we're eating pizza, I make sure that half of my plate is filled with salad.

Here are some pics of meals at my house:

Omelette with salad & green beans Mexican salad with tortilla chips (it contained chicken & black beans for protein) Wild sage salad with hoisin duck breast Eggplant parmigiana (store bought) with arugula & oyster mushroom salad Wrap with tabouli, kale, spicy hummus, and avocado Empty out the fridge salad with soft boiled eggs and bacon


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