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Sperm & Plastics

Sperm counts have been declining for the past 50 years.  One of the theories is that it's due to the use of plastics in our environment.  It's virtually impossible to totally eliminate the use of plastic in your life - but it's worth making a bit more of an effort to switch plastic things in your house (especially in your kitchen!) to glass or stainless steel.

Washington State University has recently reported seeing effects on sperm from BPA exposure and also from estradiol.  BPA is only one of the many compounds founds in plastic that seem to disrupt our reproductive system.

Studies show that men who had higher levels of urinary BPA also had lower sperm parameters, but once an egg was fertilized by those sperm, the development to blastocyst and pregnancy rates seemed to be the same as men without high urinary BPA.  This is contrary to the fact that we have seen that high urinary BPA can result in higher than average DNA Fragmentation in sperm.  Ideally we don't want to have to use IVF to get pregnant - so it's important to help improve sperm counts before that happens.

The life cycle of sperm is about 72 days, so you have make changes for over 2 months in order to see the maximum benefit.

If you or your partner are having sperm issues, it's worth coming in for an appointment so that we can discuss all the the amazing ways that Naturopathic Medicine can help normalize counts!  Talk to a Naturopath today!


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