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I wanted to let you guys know what I've been up to in my spare time...

I've been consulting for a brand new website called Fertilitywise (

It all started with a woman who was trying to get pregnant, navigate the medical system, learn about what was going on in her body, and what her best fertility treatment options were. After spending hours researching her situation, she wanted it to be easier for others and wanted a reliable source of vetted information & research for people to go to as they were going through the process of trying to get pregnant - and Fertilitywise was born!

Fertilitywise offers articles that combine evidence-based research with medical input and review to answer patients' questions on fertility. These articles summarize peer-reviewed scientific studies to save patients' time accessing information through other sources. Fertilitywise takes a balanced approach towards assessing the vast amount of research in scientific journals, highlighting not just agreement among those in the scientific community but differing viewpoints as well.

Anyway, if you're trying to get pregnant or know someone who is - please feel free to check it out or pass on this info. Please also remember, nothing replaces personalized medical advice so please don't hesitate to pass my name along too.

PLEASE NOTE: I get no kickbacks or anything from anyone checking out this site (nor do I even know if you did!), I just really think it's a great resource for those trying to get pregnant.


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