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Infertility in TV & Movies

A couple of weeks ago a patient was telling me that she wanted to watch a new movie on Netflix, called Our Father. I told her to hold off and I would watch it first and let her know if I thought it would be good for someone undergoing fertility treatment (e.g. IUI and IVF) to watch - the answer is NO. This got me thinking about fertility issues are portrayed in TV and movies. Here's the rundown:

How to Buy A Baby - This is a Canadian comedy web series found on the CBC website, and has 2 seasons. I've only watch the first season so far but I LOVED it! I thought that it was a fantastic combination of comedy and honest representation. There are lots of jokes that those going through IUI or IVF treatment will really relate to. Again, because of the honest representation - great for anyone to watch. I haven't watched the second season yet... but I will!

One More Shot - This documentary obviously shows some real life examples of people undergoing infertility treatments and the emotional roller-coaster that may go along with the treatments. Those going through fertility struggles will already understand most of what's going on in this movie, but a good watch for those who want to learn more about what their friends/families are undergoing and feeling.

Baby Mama - I thought this was light hearted and silly. I don't think that this actually reflects much about what infertility is really like.

Private Life - This felt to me like quite a realistic account of a couple struggling with infertility. That being said, it's a depressing movie - so if you're struggling - please don't watch it unless you are prepared for a good cry! I think that it's a good one for other people to watch to help understand what the people struggling to get pregnant may be facing.

Our Father - This is a documentary that shows the dark side of medicine. It's corrupt and unhappy and I don't think that anyone seeking treatment at a fertility clinic would enjoy watching it.

Sex and The City - Charlotte dealt with infertility for years, and from what I remember (it was a while ago since I watched it!) they tackled it well - showing the honest devastation while still making the episodes enjoyable.

The Switch - This old movie with Jennifer Aniston is a comedy. I don't think that there's much in this movie based on the reality of people who are trying to become single parents by choice.

Please let me know what you think and if I've missed any good ones! And of course, if you're struggling - I'm here to help! There are lots of things that Naturopathic medicine and acupuncture can do to help sperm, eggs, and uterine lining.


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