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Holiday Eating & Drinking

With the holiday season upon us, it's important to remember how important health is to our feelings of well-being.  I understand that there are holiday parties galore to tempt you, but it's really important to stay moderate with your eating and drinking over the next few weeks. 

Here are a few simple tips I use:

Make sure that you're staying well hydrated so that you're not drinking high calorie alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst.

Have a healthy snack before going to a holiday party so that you can keep your willpower in check when tempted with the high calorie treats

Plan your week in advance - if you know that you've got a holiday party to go to, make sure that you're eating extra well and exercising to accomodate for those extra calories.

Eat consciously!!!  This is probably the most important tip.  If you really want that gingerbread cookie, then eat it.  But make sure that you've actually thought about it and aren't just putting it in your mouth because it's in front of you.

I will be in the office over the holidays, so please do book in to see me!

Happy Holidays, Morgan


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