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I talk about gratitude on a regular basis - both at home and at work. I have a gratitude practice that I share with my family - often we will talk about one thing that we're grateful most days at dinner time. We've gone through phases of writing down the things that we're thankful for and putting them in a jar and then look back on them which is always fun. Right now we just talk about them. I love my gratitude practice - I like doing it by myself but I also love connecting with others about what they are grateful for.

As I said, I also talk to patient about starting a gratitude practice all the time. It is so important to find glimmers of happiness, appreciation, and hope in the day to day. I also find that the more you practice gratitude, the more it comes naturally to see the positive things in your day.

Today I'm grateful for the nice time walking to the subway this morning with my husband & dog.

I'm grateful for the ability to connect with patients and help.

I'm grateful for the delicious homemade apple crisp thingy that I ate for breakfast!

If you need help working on your gratitude practice, please reach out!


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