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It has been frigidly cold for this Toronto winter, and my outside running has come to a halt.  Instead, I'm hitting the treadmill until the ice melts and the temperature warms a bit.  I tend to exercise on my own, but have many friends who have joined running groups or hired fitness coaches to keep them motivated.  I have a few friends whom I text with about our running, so that I'm accountable about my exercise regime.  That, and I signed up for the Sporting Life 10km run in May so I have to stay active over the winter in order to run 10km in early May!

Exercise is so important for so many reasons, some of which are:



diabetes & heart disease prevention

cancer prevention

stress reduction

promoting better sleep

memory & brain function

increased production of endorphins (feel good chemicals)

If you're not exercising, you may not know what you're missing and how good your body & mind would feel if you were moving it on a regular basis.  Try joining a group in your neighbourhood, go outside for a walk/ski/snowshoe/skate, get a fitbit to make sure you're getting your 10,000 steps in each day, or just go to your local Toronto Public Libary where you can borrow a pedometer for free!  Whatever the case, don't let this cold weather be your excuse for not getting moving.

Lastly, I like to focus on the benefits on your health as the best reason to exercise.  I found this video and really liked the message:

Stay warm & active,



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