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Blue Monday

Happy January!

With yesterday being #BlueMonday, I thought that I should be reaching out to all of you to check in! Keeping tabs on your mental health is so key during this crazy pandemic. Please reach out if you're struggling!

I'm finding an increase of people reaching out in my practice for issues with anxiety, insomnia, and depression recently. There are a few basics that I'm talking about with almost everyone so thought I should share here too!

- are you getting outside EVERY day? This is something that I never used to ask, but since lock down started almost a year ago I'm finding that most people aren't getting outside and that this essential for mental health and well being. One of my outside adventures recently was checking out this super cool sculpture on Adelaide Street West!

- are you moving your body EVERY day? Some sort of exercise - big or small - is crucial for mental health! This could be a youtube video or just a walk around the block!

- are you meditating? There are many free apps (as I've discussed before) that can be great to help people get on the meditation train. Any extra moment of zen in your life these days is a good thing.

- are you talking to people? Whether it be friends, therapists, practitioners, family, or strangers at a distance in a park - it's all important for this feeling of isolation that many of us are facing.

Again, PLEASE reach out if you're struggling!


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