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  • Writer's pictureDr. Morgan Winton, ND

Bio-identical Hormones

As of January 2016, I am excited to announce that I can prescribe bio-identical estrogen, bio-identical progesterone, and desiccated thyroid.  

What even are bio-identical hormones anyway?  They are hormones that are in the identical molecular form that exists in your body.  As a Naturopathic Doctor, prescription hormones aren't my first line of defense - but it's great to have more tools in my tool kit to use.  Below are just a few ways in which I look forward to using bio-identical hormones in my practice.

Fertility: The most exciting place that I'm looking forward to using bio-identical hormones is for women who are trying to get pregnant and have a shortened or irregular luteal phase - bio-identical progesterone can be very effective in helping lengthen the luteal phase and prevent spotting during the second half of a woman's cycle.  As well, bio-identical estrogen can help with this, and also help thicken the uterine lining!

Menopause: Herbs and acupuncture can work really well to manage menopausal symptoms, but I'll admit that there are some stubborn bodies who just don't respond how I'd hope.  For these women, a low dose bio-identical hormone prescription may be the answer - and studies are showing that because of the bio-identical nature of the molecule, they seem to be safer than traditional HRT.

Hypothyroid: Most patients who I see who have hypothyroidism respond well to the traditional pharmaceutical thyroid medication, but there is the odd person who doesn't.  For a person who isn't responding as expected or who's blood work now shows a normal TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) but who still doesn't feel great, desiccated thyroid may be an option.


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