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Virtual Appointments Available!

I've been "seeing" patients virtually and there are some common themes that are coming up.  People are curious what I'm doing with my time, and how I'm managing to keep healthy & sane during this at home phase. Here's a picture of me with my serious learning face on, in sweat pants of course!

#1 - I'm moving my body!  Not enough, but not a bad amount.  I'm going for at least 1 walk every day (not only for my body but also for my mental health!).  I realized that I was getting grouchy in the afternoon, so I just started going for a 20 min walk each afternoon around my neighbourhood and I come back way happier!  Also, with all the sitting I've been doing, it's nice to have that extra movement at the end of the day. #2 - I'm cooking a lot.  I'm only going to the grocery store every 7-10 days, so this is forcing me to be creative with my cooking.  My family has been eating more beans, lots of veggies, and yes - I'm now baking my own bread like the rest of the world.  I will admit that I tried my hand at sourdough and it wasn't a grand success - it was super frustrating so I gave up on that one. #3 - I'm meditating.  I'm aiming for 10 minutes every day, but I often forget.  It is definitely one of my go to things to do when my mood isn't feeling happy or stable. #4 - I'm learning a lot!  I'm preparing a 2 hour webinar that I will present next month to my fellow Naturopathic Doctors on the importance of the thyroid gland from trying to get pregnant through to the post-partum time.  I'm also doing a ton of webinars myself - learning about everything from the immune system, concussion healing, to herbs & fertility and more. #5 - I'm enjoying some family time.  We've been playing some board games, and my almost 10 year old son has officially beat me in scrabble and chess now!  I'm still the Boggle family champion for now... #6 - I'm exercising every single day.  I think I've only taken 2 days off since mid-March!  I'm running every other day, and doing pilates on the alternate days.  Some days are more intense than others, but I'm doing it just the same. In keeping with social distancing and trying not to contract or spread Covid-19, I will still only be available for appointments by phone and video (skype like, but secure!) for the foreseeable future.  Please just email me if you'd like to connect! Looking forward to talking to or "seeing" you soon and hearing what you've been doing!



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