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Naturopathic Doctor on Holidays!

I was fortunate to go on vacation to Mexico in March.  It was great to escape the snowy Toronto winter and get some much needed sunshine!  For the first time in over 10 years, my family decided to go to an All-Inclusive resort - we really wanted pure relaxation, and that's what we got.  Part of staying at an all-inclusive resort is eating at restaurants 3 meals/day - something I definitely don't do in my normal life.  As you may know, I am conscious about the health factor in what I eat but don't eat a perfectly healthy diet and this overflows into how I think while on vacation.  This vacation was great, and reaffirmed how important healthy eating is to my life and my body and how I feel on a daily basis.

Every morning I would start my day with a mug of mint tea, plain yogurt with a whole passion fruit mixed in, a bit of granola, papaya, mango, and pineapple.  I like to start the day off right, and tried to eat local foods since I was in a tropical paradise!  I would also add in a few prunes every morning for 2 reasons - I love prunes AND the rest of my day wasn't as fibre filled as usual and I wanted to make sure my digestive system stayed regular and prunes can help with that.

Lunch & dinner were another story - there were hardly any vegetable on the menu at any of the restaurants so I just had to go with the flow.  I ate tacos every day, sometimes twice a day.  I ate tons of guacamole and pico de gallo, but that's hardly enough veggies for my liking!  I tried to focus on ordering fish because it's local and healthy and delicious.  I was also drinking more alcohol than usual but I was still conscious about my drink choices... I wasn't drinking super sweet fake strawberry daqueris, I chose unsweetened mojitos instead.

I will tell you that even though I was being conscious about what I was putting into my body, it wasn't super happy to be out of my healthy routines.  There was so much more fat & sugar & alcohol in my diet than usual, and so few vegetables.  As a result, I had heartburn every day, I developed sensitivity to temperature & sugar in one of my teeth, and I was regularly bloated.  Within days of getting home, my healthier eating resumed and my body went right back to normal!  I was worried that my tooth needed a filling or a root canal - but healthy eating reduced the sensitivity back to a regular old tooth!  It was great to remember how important healthy eating is to basic body functioning!


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