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Kitchen Staples

Holiday season in Toronto is a busy time of the year.  Work is crazy and there are so many social events!  It's extra important these days to keep organized, and when that fails I make sure to have some key ingredients in my house so that I can manage a decently healthy meal if I haven't gotten to the grocery store.  As a Naturopathic Doctor, healthy eating is important to me and my family.  

I thought that this would be a good time to share some of my kitchen staples!

1.  Mary's Organic Crackers - they're delicious and gluten free and healthy.  They don't go bad, and are easy to keep in the cupboard, especially if you buy the bulk size at Costco :).

2.  Frozen Fruit - this is the staple for smoothies in my house.  I also use any fruit that may be going bad in the fruit bowl, but having frozen fruit in the freezer means that I'm not depending on having been to the grocery store for fresh produce to make a morning smoothie.

3.  Frozen Kale - I always keep frozen kale in the house to add to smoothies or scrambled eggs or soup.  It's a great fibre and vitamin boost to many meals.

4.  Eggs - they are inexpensive, quick to cook, and very nutritious.  Eggs are a regular meal at my house because they are quick & easy.  It's so much healthier to scramble up some eggs with frozen kale & carmelized onions than it is to order in pizza, and so much quicker when I'm getting hangry!

5.  Organic Frozen Burritos - we buy the Amy's Organic brand.  Again, if I've got things in my freezer that are decent, we're less likely to turn to take out.  They are also great in a pinch for a school lunch - my son gobbles them up!

6.  Canned Beans - of course it would be amazing if I soaked my own beans, but I don't.  I like to have canned beans on hand in case I need some quick protein for a salad, want to make a black bean soup, Chili, or a quick dip (blend them with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt & pepper).

7.  Baked beans - when all else fails, we have beans on toast.  Not perfect, but full of protein & fibre.

I hope that this gives you some quick & easy ideas to stay healthy & stress free over the holidays!


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