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There are a few common causes of insomnia or sleep disturbances that I'd like to chat about today.

1. Stress/Anxiety - This has been a theme in my newsletters recently, and here it is again. Are you one of those people who has racing thoughts when it's time to go to sleep, or wake in the night and can't stop thinking? It's hard to get your body into a zen state to have a good nights sleep if you're feeling stressed out or anxious all day. Let's deal with the root cause and help your daytime mood and your nighttime sleep!

2. Poor Sleep Hygiene - playing with your phone before bed (or in the middle of the night), watching tv in bed, doing work right before bed, having caffeine in the afternoon or evening, not having a consistent bedtime. Most of these are things that you can easily change! If you need some down time to get to sleep, try reading a book until you're tired, or listening to a podcast or sleep story with your bedroom dark and your eyes closed.

4. Late Night Eating - Sleep is a time for regeneration, not digestion. Late night eating often exacerbates digestive issues including reflux or heartburn. It can also disrupt your naturally occurring blood sugar fluctuations, resulting in disturbed sleep

5. Discomfort or Pain - If you're uncomfortable, it's hard to sleep! Please reach out to your chiropractor, physiotherapist, or osteopath and get things diagnosed and fixed. If you don't have a go to practitioner, I'm happy to refer you to someone.

Bottom line, if your sleep isn't amazing - please reach out so we can fix it.

There really is something to the phrase, sleeping like a baby...


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