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(In)Fertility Awareness Week

It's (In)Fertility Awareness Week. Unfortunately we think that roughly 1 in 6 people trying to have a baby has a hard time. Furthermore, fertility rates in Canada have been on the decline since 2009 reaching a low of 1.4 children per woman in 2020 according to StatsCan, and reaching an average age of delivery of 31.3 years old. Research shows that the cause of fertility issues is about equal in those with sperm vs those with eggs.

We define infertility as having tried to conceive without success for over 12 months if you're under 35 years old and over 6 months if you're 35 or older.

Fertility issues can be hard to navigate, both emotionally and physically I've been helping people reach their family goals for almost 20 years, so please reach out if you've got questions or need a hand.

There's help and support out there and I'm happy to assist you in navigating the system. I can also offer lots of education and treatment for sperm, egg, and uterus issues - as well as those diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Last but not least, families come in all shapes & sizes. I am proud and honoured to help ALL people who want to start a family.


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