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Guilt Free Resolutions

I like the start of a new year to remind me to take the time to reflect on what in my life is going well and what could use a shake up.  Like everyone else, I have made new years resolutions in the past which haven't stuck more than a few days and I decided not to do this anymore. Instead of making resolutions, I'm making a commitment to myself because I'm worth it!  And so are you. 1.  You deserve to eat well. This means delicious treats sometimes, but remember that you're worth more than donuts at Tim Hortons for breakfast!  Eat lots of fruits & vegetables because that's what your body needs to thrive, and what it deserves! 2.  Be Mindful when you eat. Take the time to enjoy what you're eating rather than wolfing it down.  Savor each bite!  Be mindful to chew each bite as well.  Try your best not to eat at your desk, instead take a few minutes to focus on eating - your digestive system will thank you. 3.  Eat more fruit & vegetables. Rather than focusing on the negative of what we shouldn't be eating, let's focus on what we should!  If you focus on eating more fruit & vegetables your body will be less tempted by the crap and will start craving food that makes it feel good. 4.  Meal Plan. I meal plan each week for about 5 dinners/week and because I eat leftovers for lunch this really covers me for 10 meals/week.  Meal planning and prep is essential in my life to keep me eating healthy.  If I get home from work at 7pm and can't start cooking until 7:30pm and something isn't organized, it's simply not going to happen.  If I've got things prepped or bought or defrosted or pre-cooked, I'm motivated to stick to the schedule.  In the winter I often will cook up a soup on the weekend and freeze it so that I've got at least one easy no fuss meal to fall back on during the busy work week.

I hope this helps give you some good ideas going forward.


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