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Giving Thanks

Happy October! With Thanksgiving arriving in Toronto, I have been thinking that during this difficult time and difficult year - what am I thankful for? As a back to basics Naturopathic Doctor, I am often asking patients to write down daily gratitude lists to keep their perspective positive.  I have had a gratitude jar going in my home, we all write something that we're grateful for weekly on a piece of paper and put it in a jar - it's a lovely way to look back on a month or year and all the things that you cherished.  2020 has definitely tested many of us in many different ways.  Mental health concerns are on the rise, and many people are struggling financially amid the pandemic.  In my attempt to stay positive, I'm going to share some of my thanksgiving list of things that I'm grateful for in my life.

  1. A safe place to live.  I take this for granted most of the time, but having a home that is safe & happy is not the reality for everyone, and when you're stuck at home during a pandemic it's definitely something that I'm grateful for!

  2. Sunny days.  As winter approaches in Toronto, I savour every sunny day that Mother Nature gives us!

  3. A body that works.  I'm so grateful that on those sunny (or rainy!) days that I can get outside and move my body pain free.  I work on my health on a daily basis - stretching and strengthening to keep myself pain free.

  4. Work.  As most of you know, I absolutely love my job!  I love using my brain and trying to find solutions to problems.  I love connecting with people both virtually and in-person.  Most of all, I love helping.

  5. Support.  Like many of you, I have a team of friends and family and professionals that help to keep me happy & healthy!

I want to acknowledge that many of the things on my grateful list are on there because I am privileged in so many different ways.  I understand that my education, my gender, the colour of my skin, and many more things have helped get me to where I am today.  I continue to work to gain a deeper understanding on what that means and how I can help change the status quo.

I look forward to hearing about some of the things you're grateful for! Happy almost Thanksgiving!


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