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Ontario Opening

I've been hearing a lot about how people are feeling about the world re-opening (or just Toronto or Ontario perhaps). While some people are really excited, we've been in an altered state of living for a long time and going back to some sense of "normal" is also provoking a lot of anxiety among others. It's really important right now that you respect your own comfort levels and the comfort levels of those around you when planning social activities.

I wanted to share a few resources on anxiety:

I really like the worksheet below about recognizing anxiety. Many of us feel off or irritable or emotional or tired and don't realize that it's anxiety that's affecting us. Others aren't able to express how anxiety feels, and I think this worksheet can be helpful for that.

I also like this breathing tips worksheet - good mindful breathing is a type of active meditation that I do regularly.

Last but not least, I liked this simple healthy behaviour log. Not surprisingly, I believe healthy habits while you're going through a stressful time can be nothing but helpful. So track your good choices and keep a log!

As always, I'd love to chat in person or virtually if you're needing some help. If simple behaviour changes aren't enough, there are lots of herbs and vitamins that can help your body/mind deal with stress and anxiety.


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