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Fertility treatments by Dr. Morgan Winton, ND are available in downtown Toronto for singles and couples trying to get pregnant. Whether you are just starting to think about trying or are years into the fertility journey, we can help!


Dr. Morgan Winton, ND uses a variety of techniques to help increase your chances of getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby.


Many of her patients are also seeing one of the many fertility doctors across the GTA, therefore she is knowledgeable in the medications, examinations, and procedures used and is happy to work together with reproductive endocrinologists.


Acpuncture can be used to:

  • lower stress levels when undergoing fertility treatments

  • increase blood flow to the uterus, thereby working on the uterine lining

  • help reduce the risk of miscarriage

  • improve sperm counts in men 

  • balance hormones

  • regulate the menstrual cycle

  • increase blood flow to the ovaries, thereby encouraging healthy egg production

  • lessen side effects from fertility medications

  • treat cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids


Fertility Blog Posts

Enhance your Fertility

Acupuncture – Acupuncture has been studied numerous times and has been shown to help with sperm concentration, motility, and morphology. It has also been shown to almost double pregnancy rates in women going through IVF! It is definitely a first line defence for a Naturopathic Doctor treating infertility.


Herbs – Many North American and Traditional Chinese herbs have pharmacological properties that can regulate the menstrual cycle, promote regular ovulation, and increase pregnancy rates. They can also help with libido and sperm results.


Dietary changes – You are what you eat! Depending on what your diagnosis is, dietary changes can be very beneficial for your fertility health. There are diets to help those who don’t ovulate regularly, and diets to help decrease the inflammation of endometriosis among others.


Stress reduction techniques – Trying to get pregnant is inherently stressful and it is important to survive this journey! Furthermore, there are studies by Dr. Alice Domar showing that stress reduction techniques can increase pregnancy rates.


Vitamin supplementation – There is more to getting pregnant than making sure that you’re taking folic acid! Depending on your age, cycle length, uterine lining thickness, etc. there may be some vitamins that could help get your body in optimal condition to conceive and carry to term.

Here's a link to an article on sperm function that Dr. Winton co-authored: 

Dietary changes can also be very effective in helping sperm counts, as can vitamin supplementation.

Scientifically Studied Treatments

Acupuncture is one of the most popular treatments performed by Naturopathic Doctors to treat fertility issues. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the assumption that there are channels that go through your body where energy, or chi, moves. When there is a blockage of energy or chi, problems occur. There are many theories of why acupuncture works. I believe it is the fact that you are relieving stress, and both nourishing and rebalancing the body during treatments. I find that acupuncture is helpful, regardless of whether you have just started trying to conceive or you are in the middle of the IVF process.


Acupuncture's use with respect to fertility is constantly being studied and reported in medical journals. Recent studies are showing that acupuncture is effective in improving sperm quality (1). It is also very encouraging that a recent study resulted in almost double the rates of pregnancy when IVF was combined with acupuncture (2).


Herbal medicines have pharmacological effects on the body. Both North American and Chinese herbs can be effective in treating fertility issues. They are excellent at balancing hormones, which can then regulate menstrual cycles easing the process of conception. Furthermore, with many known obstacles to fertility (i.e. PCOS, endometriosis) they can start to balance hormones and decrease symptoms. Herbs are only prescribed if you are not currently taking medications prescribed by your reproductive endocrinologist.

Nutrition is a fundamental aspect of fertility treatment. It is so important to be eating your best while trying to conceive. Not only do you need all the vitamins and minerals you can get to enhance egg and sperm production, but you are also under a huge amount of stress and during this time your body is using up more than normal amounts of nutrients in order to cope physiologically. It is known that many vitamins and antioxidants can enhance sperm quality and quantity (3). We also know that women's fertility can be dependent on their nutritional status (4) and achieving their optimal weight. This can often be achieved using small and simple changes to your diet.



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